I think the last  video game I bought for a console based on a comic book movie property was the original Captain America: The First Avenger tie-in! These kind of games have proven not to be the most popular for gamers either due to their scaled back mechanics, Captain America being a Batman Arkham Clone, or just being down right terrible! Lucky for us there is a whole new world of gaming available to us and developers. The cell phone. In a world where Nintendo can hold down the market with their most recent handheld, but the on-the-go adult doesn’t have time to carry that with them! So phone gaming has become the center of the gaming world, and Glitchsoft is looking to deliver a great mobile experience through their action-packed games!

Until recently, consoles (and some handhelds) have been the only platform to play as your favorite heroes. Whether you are facing off against other heroes and villains in Injustice, or solving a mystery as Batman in the numerous Arkham titles, things are starting to change! So, with the reemergence of everyone’s favorite mutant superhero team on the big screen this summer, where’s the DOFP movie tie-in?!

CykWell now on the AppStore, there’s a game based on Days of  Future Past , that doesn’t take as many liberties as the film does. This is something I favor. I recently re-read Chris Claremont‘s paramount X-Men tale, in its collected form, so I could refresh my reference base to the original material in advance of seeing the movie, and now play the game. DFAT was recently given the opportunity to take a test drive of the new game from Glitchsoft, so what did we think of it? Read on Towelites!

My previous experience with the company, known as Glitchsoft, was 2012’s He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe, also a side-scrolling, beat-em up adventure. This AWESOME Masters of the Universe game became a fast addiction for me as I fought my way through Eternia, powering up He-Man and laying the smack down on Skeletor and his goons! So trust me when I say I was really looking to a similar experience when it came to one of my favorite Marvel Comics properties of ALL-TIME!

Did the game meet my expectations? YES. Glitchsoft’s Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past is a fun, side-scrolling, adventure that does a nice job basically following the original story. As you romp across two different timelines, choosing between 5 different, available, characters, the game starts to feel very reminiscent of old days playing X-Men The Arcade Game and the X-Men title for SEGA Genesis! Platformers have always been a personal favorite of mine, and DOFP delivers! With enough hidden areas to make you want to explore every inch of the screen, to the great balance between fighting and puzzle solving, I have a hard time putting it down! Early on in the game you are faced with several fun boss fights, so look forward to some epic ones by the time you finish the game!

KittyMutant powers are easily used by swiping the attack button in a certain direction. I just recently unlocked Colossus and his charge ability is amazing! Glitchsoft did a great job making each of the characters, I have played so far, both unique and fun to play with.  I can’t wait to unlock my favorite character Magneto! The story is carried along well by cut-scenes, a nice balance of simple animation and artwork are used to tell the tale. Like I said this game follows along pretty well to the original storyline, omitting certain complicated characters and scenes. At the same time the dystopian future timeline is portrayed well by beautiful art design and an entertaining soundtrack, all of which gives the player an engaging experience. With X-fever about to break out at the box office, I can see myself giving this game plenty of playtime!

Remember that you don’t always need the most up-to-date gaming technology to deliver a great story, and it’s not like people have a ton of time to spend in front of the TV these days either. Phones, and other portable electronic devices have become a staple in our lives. Companies like Glitchsoft are smart to develop these innovative and engaging games that can be accessed at any time or anywhere, just by pulling you phone out of you pocket. On break, on the train, or at the park, you can jam out on your favorite game. Games like Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past also talk to a distant voice from our past. Our love of a simpler time in gaming, maybe that’s why platforming games are still so popular! Especially when games like X-Men deliver a great and time-worthy experience.

Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past: A+

Find it on the AppStore for $2.99, and look for it on Kindle devices soon! Sorry Android users, look for this title later this Summer!