Welcome back! Today we are going to be taking a look at the largest of the most recent LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets, The Milano Spaceship Rescue from Guardians of the Galaxy. We have just over a month until this sci-fi epic will be unleashed into theaters, and of course the marketing campaign is in full force. This set is the largest of the four sets released, and is my favorite of the GOTG lot. The set contains 665 pieces, and it is the largest set I’ve seen in the series since the Quinjet set from The Avengers release.

Basic packaging here, nothing special. The set comes with 2 instruction booklets, 6 bags, and a sticker sheet. Oh and as usual, a fun little comic that is great for the little ones. Like I mentioned in my review of the other GOTG set, Nowhere Escape Mission, these are the two sets that you have to buy in order to get the complete GOTG team. There is a third, smaller set, called Starblaster Showdown that you can opt out of if you like. But missing out on a Nova Corp member and another Sakaaran army builder is up to you.

The Minifigures in this set are awesome, as you get three of the main team members and the big villain of the film, Ronan the Accuser! Also included is another Sakaaran figure, this is the army builder of  the sets, so if you do collect all three sets you’ll end up with three of them. Star Lord is my favorite out of all of the lot. He comes with two different heads, one being his classic helmet, which looks amazing. You also get Drax the Destroyer and Gamora, all of the figures come with their signature weapons.

Ronan is a great looking Minifig, his helmet  is amazing and it is a very cool original piece. Ronan is packed with his classic hammer. This is the first time we will be introduced to the Kree in the Marvel films, so this figure is a pretty big deal. As you can see, Marvel is opting to use uniforms for the Guardians, something that has been common practice when it comes to superhero films. These are red jump suits that give all of the characters a standard look, of course Rocket Racoon (featured in the other set) is the only member who seems to have a different costume.

This set comes with a couple different vehicles, the main being the Milano, but you do get to build a smaller Skaraaran ship and some kind of rocket transport for Star Lord. Nothing too special about the smaller bad guy spaceship, but I have noticed that a lot of these builds have an almost insect-like look to them.

The main featured build of the set is the Milano itself, and let me tell you this baby is huge! Seeing that it was priced very similar to the Quinjet, it comes in at about the same size. I had a lot of fun putting this ship together, it took me close to three hours including photos. There was nothing super difficult about the build, so kids and adults alike should enjoy the process. My favorite feature of the set are the wings, as they add a real flair to the set.

Inside the ship you can fit the entire team, well except Groot. I really like the detail of the “boombox” music system that is inside the ship, looks like Peter Quill has taken it upon himself to make some ” Earthly” adjustments. The cockpit and pilot chair are very original, and a departure from the usual. I love the pilot’s chair as it is built-in different sections and is much cooler than using the standard LEGO seat.

The wings are presented in three different pieces and you can move them into different positions. You also build flaps that give the ship more of an authentic feel. What I really like about the set as a whole is the look, and shape. I think that LEGO did a great job replicating the design of this ship from the movie, and used some neat techniques and pieces to achieve the authenticity. Especially when you look at the front of the ship. The colors on this set are bright and beautiful, another detail that sets it apart from a lot of the other “darker” sets from the Super Heroes series.

I love this set and it only makes me more excited to see the film in theaters! I give The Milano Spaceship Rescue from LEGO a 5 outta 5 stars! The building process is not drawn out and it is only a little repetitive. This set is perfect for kids and collectors alike. I really hope that this film is a hit and that GOTG becomes a huge franchise, I want to see a Thanos Minifigure that is in-scale with the Hulk!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes- Guardians of the Galaxy The Milano Spaceship Rescue: A+